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Cheapest vans/lorries up to 3.5t

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Commercial vehicles is the useful Trucks with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. Vehicles skilled in this category are pick-ups, vans and all vehicles that they carry goods and passengers. (other names: expensive car).

Most often, we classify commercial vehicles up to 3.5t according to body type:

Combi Combi or alternatively wagon type passenger car bodywork, whose roof line is extended rearwardly over the whole car and luggage compartment to which access is through the rear almost vertical third or fifth door of the luggage compartment. This type of bodywork includes, among columns A, B and C, D and also the post. For the types of wagon can be flexibly reorganize the interior space, through reclining rear seats or cargo volume. Name kombi (combi) used inter Slovakia also in German-speaking countries and is derived from a combination of purpose vehicle, which is intended to carry passengers and cargo, etc.. In the US such vehicles referred to as a station wagon (SW). In France, the name is used break. Among other designations are also used in Touring, Tourer, MultiWagon, Sport Wagon, Grandtour, SportCombi, Caravan, Vario or Estate.

van Van the type of vehicle used for transporting goods and passengers. The main and most widely used application of the law cargo transportation. Van is smaller than nákladiak and bigger than a conventional passenger car. Marking van is used in English speaking countries but has adopted a term even in this country.

Delivery van Delivery van is a kind of utility vehicle designed to transport cargo. Most often, the box-shaped, four wheels, a larger height, length, and the distance from the ground floor as a conventional passenger car. In the cabin they live two or three sites for the crew, but some models offer a second row of seats.

Flat bed truck Flat bed truck the truck with an extension in the form of equal platform with lateral sidewalls. Tie prevent cargo from moving during transfer. When load handling can be opened and facilitating access to technology or humans.

The storage area is structural to the simplest type of superstructure to allow transport of rugged and well packaged cost. Lorry allows the use of simple construction and oplachtovaním create an area protected from weather influences.

carriage Carriage is a type of commercial vehicle to 3.5 tony without basic superstructure. Rear of the vehicle can be easily adjusted to the desired extension and either on a flatbed truck, cabinets, refrigerating, freezer, frame or somehow different

cab Cab is a type of commercial vehicle, which has an enlarged area of transporting a person. The rear portion for costly space may have different extensions: flatbed, cabinets, etc. freezer or refrigerating superstructure.

Casing car Casing car is one commercial vehicle, which serves to carry a load of larger dimensions, for example pallet goods or furniture. The characteristic shape is rectangular storage space. The vehicle can be supplemented with hydraulic loading platform.

Bus Bus is a commercial vehicle, which in addition to the transport of goods also used for transporting passengers. It has built or is removable seats for 6-11 people. Features variable space, according to the number of seats or the volume of goods transported.

Pick up Pick up is a type of commercial vehicle, which is adapted for transporting at least two persons, with an open costly space in the rear part of the vehicle. Pick-up may have in front of the double cabin for 4 or more persons, such versions may be referred also DoubleCAB. The rear portion may be complemented by a fixed superstructure, which closes the space costly.

Cooler Cooler and freezer commercial vehicles serve the carriage of goods which is necessary during importation cool or chill cold breeze to blow-off. It's all about food and meat, which are subject to rapid perish. No costly part is usually well insulated polystyrene obladom example.

Autobazar.EU is offering for sale the most extensive offer of worn commercial vehicles up to 3.5t not just from Slovakia. If you are interested in a specific type of vehicle that is not in our offer just when you add your request to the section Buy.

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Žilinský kraj, r.v.: 2008, Generácia vozidla: F7/J7 mod.07, 84kW, P, M6, Diesel, Euro 4, 5 dv.(9-miestne), 130000 km, Modrošedá sv. metalíza, Posilňovač riad., ABS, ESP(VDC) ...

2008, 130000km, 84kw, M6

Private offer
100,00 € 87,64 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 2016, 110kW, P, M6, Diesel, Euro 5, 5 dv.(3-miestne), 50000 km, Červená farba, ESP(VDC), Posilňovač riad., DSC(DTC), Airbag 1X, EBD/EBV, ABS, Multifunkčný vo ...

2016, 50000km, 110kw, M6

Private offer
100,00 € 87,64 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 12/2008, Generácia vozidla : 906, 110kW, Z, A5, Diesel, Euro 4, 2 dv.(3-miestne), 222222 km, ABS, ESP(VDC), Brzdový asistent(BAS), ASR(TC, EDS), DSC(DTC) ...

2008, 222222km, 110kw, A5

100,00 € 87,64 £

Košický kraj, r.v.: 12/2004, Generácia vozidla: F9/J9 mod.04, 84kW, P, A6, Diesel, 5 dv.(3-miestne), 207658 km, Biela farba, ABS, Airbag 1X, Centrál, Rádio, Manuálna klimatizácia...

2004, 207658km, 84kw, A6

Private offer
100,00 € 87,64 £

Nitriansky kraj, r.v.: 1999, Generácia vozidla: 65/67, 50kW, P, M5, Benzín, 2 dv.(2-miestne), 123456 km, Biela farba, Predám v celku Škoda Felicia Pick Up 1, 3 mpi v celku ako je na...

1999, 123456km, 50kw, M5

Private offer
150,00 € 131,46 £

Banskobystrický kraj, r.v.: 8/1998, 55kW, P, M5, Benzín, 2 dv., 261951 km, Červená farba, Ponúknite auto má TP a ŠPZ je k tomu aj vrchná nadstavba ...

1998, 261951km, 55kw, M5

229,00 € 200,70 £
with VAT (VAT reclaimable)

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 2018, Generácia vozidla : 290, 96kW, P, M6, Diesel, Euro 6, 5 dv.(3-miestne), neuvedené km, Posilňovač riad., ABS, ESP(VDC), EBD/EBV, ASR(TC, EDS), DSC(DTC) ...

2018, , 96kw, M6

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299,00 € 262,04 £

Košický kraj, r.v.: 1999, 79kW, P, M5, Diesel, 4 dv.(3-miestne), 99999 km, Posilňovač riad., El. zrkadlá, El. predné okná, Vyhrievané spätné zrkadlá, Auto je bez TP a EĆV roz ...

1999, 99999km, 79kw, M5

300,00 € 262,92 £
nonregistered vehicle

Prešovský kraj, r.v.: 1/1997, Generácia vozidla: 9K, 44kW, P, M5, Benzín, 3 dv.(5-miestne), 140000 km, Čierna farba, Posilňovač riad., Fólie, Neprihlásené, bez TP...

1997, 140000km, 44kw, M5

Private offer
300,00 € 262,92 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 1996, Generácia vozidla: 9K, 44kW, P, M5, Benzín, 3 dv.(2-miestne), 193746 km, Modrá farba, Posilňovač riad., El. predné okná, Hmlové svetlomety...

1996, 193746km, 44kw, M5

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350,00 € 306,74 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 2000, 70kW, P, M5, Diesel, 5 dv.(3-miestne), 1 km, Biela farba, Defektný motor alebo prevodovka, vadny motor platne slov. papiere docasne odhlasene...

2000, 1km, 70kw, M5

361,53 € 316,84 £

Pražský kraj, r.v.: 1998, 44kW, P, M5, Diesel, 2 dv.(2-miestne), 150000 km, Žltá farba, Airbag 2X, Rádio/MC, El. predné okná, Defend-Lock, 3x Ford Courier, rok výroby 1998 ...

1998, 150000km, 44kw, M5

Private offer
400,00 € 350,56 £

Banskobystrický kraj, r.v.: 1990, 55kW, Z, M5, Diesel, 5 dv.(5-miestne), neuvedené km, Len na náhradné diely, bez TP, dohoda istá...

1990, , 55kw, M5

Private offer
449,00 € 393,50 £

Bratislavský kraj, r.v.: 3/1996, Generácia vozidla : 23, 76kW, P, M5, Diesel, 4 dv.(3-miestne), 292117 km, Biela farba, Posilňovač riad., Defektný motor alebo prevodovka...

1996, 292117km, 76kw, M5

Private offer
450,00 € 394,38 £

Bratislavský kraj, r.v.: 11/1995, Generácia vozidla: 65/67, 40kW, P, M5, Benzín, 2 dv.(2-miestne), 148877 km, Biela farba, Motor sa nachadza v kufrovej časti...

1995, 148877km, 40kw, M5

498,11 € 436,54 £

Pražský kraj, r.v.: 1992, 44kW, P, M5, Diesel, 3 dv., (2-miestne), 150000 km, Biela farba, , CZ SPZ, celé nebo na N.D., možnost prodeje samostatně i technický průkaz ...

1992, 150000km, 44kw, M5

490,00 € 429,44 £

Košický kraj, r.v.: 1988, Generácia vozidla: Motor+prevodovka, štartuje, 83kW, Z, M4, Diesel, 4 dv.(2-miestne), 100000 km, TOP stav!, Na prestavbu, bez TP, notor+prevodovka...

1988, 100000km, 83kw, M4

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500,00 € 438,20 £

Prešovský kraj, r.v.: 1991, 81kW, Z, M5, Diesel, Euro 2, 2 dv.(3-miestne), 145000 km...

1991, 145000km, 81kw, M5

Private offer
500,00 € 438,20 £

Bratislavský kraj, r.v.: 2/2000, Generácia vozidla : 2000, 35kW, Z, M5, Benzín, Euro 3, 5 dv.(4-miestne), 86000 km, Biela farba, Sezónne prezutie, Úžitková verzia N1 ...

2000, 86000km, 35kw, M5

Private offer
500,00 € 438,20 £

Bratislavský kraj, r.v.: 11/2002, Generácia vozidla : 6Y, 50kW, P, M5, Benzín, 5 dv.(2-miestne), 240000 km, Zelená farba, Posilňovač riad., Airbag 2X, Rádio, Prvý majiteľ ...

2002, 240000km, 50kw, M5

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