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Motorcycle, or colloquially motorbike, is essentially a two-wheeled vehicle, powered by combustion, possibly an electric motor, which is located between the wheels and these are then laid in a row. Production of the first motorcycle was built in 1855 and is associated with the names of Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.

The bike ride had certainly most of us, and therefore everyone surely knows very well how the bike looks. However, despite the fact that there are different kind of bikes, even its structure is basically always the same. According to what and how to choose the right one yet?

The most basic division motorcycles depends on the kinds and define all is indeed complex, but basically we can distinguish the following types:

Supersport Supersport is much faster than road mototocykle, but has a shorter lifespan. The engine has increased power and torque, which is achieved at much higher speeds than conventional motorcycle, resulting in the motor at low speeds unusable. Recommended fuel is normal octane. Gearbox has six exceptionally five degrees. By those supersports the suspension is lifted low, narrow downwards curved handlebars (catanas).

Cruiser Cruiser is the motorcycle of massive structure in a similar style as were American motorcycles from 30th to 50th years of the 20th century. Typical of this type of motorcycle is transversal fork cubic-cooled - strong ribs with a swept volume of 1 l. The current trend Cruiser amount of chrome elements and parts adapted to long routes and traveling in two.

Chopper Chopper is structurally based on the cruiser, but in appearance from it differs in some details. More emphasis is given no chopper in appearance and design as driveability. As a cruiser twin-cylinder V-engine with a displacement of over 1 l and original meaning of Chopper means "hacked" (eng. Chopped) from the non-essential components.

Tourist Tourist is characterized by its hood, which protect passengers against the wind, together with large tank and comfortable design. Their luxury equipment often makes the impression the car on two wheels and some road motorcycles have attached sidecar called. sidecar (sidecar).

Sport / Tourist Sport / Tourist is slightly faster and more powerful than tourist mototocykle. Provides better acceleration and sporty driving kmofortnejšiu especially for traveling long distances. Ideal for travelers requiring higher performance while maintaining the relative comfort while driving.

Naked Naked is structurally adapted motorcycle driving fast on the highway and roads. It is a powerful motorcycle without fairing. In terms of maneuverability, it is almost an ideal choice, although not in the field, but everywhere else they feel perfectly well with the image and are doing very well hairless. Despite the undeniable designer quisite you just look in vain hairless dog with an engine capacity of up to 50 cc.

Motor scooter Motor scooter is characterized by smaller wheels, an engine with low volume (typically 50 to 125 cm3) and partial hood to the floor and missing upper part of the frame. So the driver sits astride the scooter as a classic motorcycle, but znožmo, like the chair. Scooter is usually automatic transmission and is especially suited for driving shorter distances, such as between two villages or the city. There are also major travel scooters with engines larger volume (250-650 cm3) and higher power (20-50 hp).

Enduro Enduro - its design conforms to ride in all kinds of terrain, have high endurance and stamina. Should be the first bike to collect mainly on the basis of easy operation and versatility and Endura are in this area between extremely attractive choice.

Minibike Minibike is a scale model of the true large motorcycles and is the perfect entertainment for children, adults, and for filing techniques novice riders. Minibike is actually a copy of the actual large motorcycles, with the difference that in most cases twice smaller and motor drives with up to 50cc.

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Aprilia  30 / 0
Benelli  17 / 0
Beta  3 / 0
BMW  131 / 0
Brixton  1 / 0
Buell  2 / 0
Cagiva  3 / 0
Capirelli  6 / 0
CFMoto  1 / 0
Chopper  1 / 0
Derbi  4 / 0
Ducati  43 / 0
GasGas  1 / 0
Gilera  5 / 0
Harley Davidson  63 / 0
Honda  280 / 1
Husqvarna  7 / 0
Indian  2 / 0
Italjet  2 / 0
JAWA  3 / 0
Jonway  4 / 0
Kawasaki  159 / 0
Keeway  10 / 0
KTM  85 / 0
Kymco  11 / 0
Malaguti  3 / 0
Maxon  2 / 0
Minibike  8 / 0
Minimoto  3 / 0
Moto Guzzi  6 / 0
Motorro  7 / 0
MV Agusta  14 / 0
MZ  2 / 0
Peugeot  21 / 0
Piaggio  26 / 0
Revaco  1 / 0
Santini  1 / 0
Simson  1 / 0
Suzuki  217 / 0
SWM  1 / 0
Sym  11 / 0
Trike  1 / 0
Triumph  69 / 0
Vespa  11 / 0
Victory  1 / 0
Xmotos  4 / 0
Yamaha  306 / 0
Yuki  1 / 0

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10.190,00 € 8.884,15 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 10/2008, 66kW, M5, 18200 km, Prvý majiteľ, TOP stav!, Nikdy nebúrané, Možný leasing, Možný úver...

2008, 18200km, 66kw, M5


BMW F 650 GS

Enduro Motorcycles Enduro 19.02.2019 08:45:40 Add to garage
Private offer
2.900,00 € 2.528,36 £

Trnavský kraj, r.v.: 3/2004, 37kW, M5, 48000 km, ABS, Padací rám, Centrálny stojan, Vyhrievané rukoväte, Imobilizér, Prepákovanie, Pri 45000km nový reťazový kit ...

2004, 48000km, 37kw, M5


Yamaha MT -07

Sport/Naked Motorcycles Sport/Naked 19.02.2019 00:53:52 Add to garage
Private offer
4.990,00 € 4.350,53 £
with VAT (VAT reclaimable)

Košický kraj, r.v.: 5/2015, 55kW, M6, 15075 km, Ladený výfuk, Možný odpočet DPH, Prvý majiteľ, Serv. knižka, Úplná servisná história, Ako nové kúpené v SR, TOP stav!...

2015, 15075km, 55kw, M6


Yamaha XV 1900 Raider

Chopper Motorcycles Chopper 18.02.2019 14:38:31 Add to garage
Private offer
12.500,00 € 10.898,12 £

Bratislavský kraj, r.v.: 2014, 73kW, M5, 5860 km, Prvý majiteľ, Kontrola originality, Dovezené, TOP stav!, Nikdy nebúrané, Prihlásené.Model 2015 Yamaha Raider Bullet Cowl. Motork ...

2014, 5860km, 73kw, M5


Yamaha XVS 650 Drag Star

Chopper Motorcycles Chopper 18.02.2019 12:15:16 Add to garage
Private offer
3.000,00 € 2.615,55 £

Bratislavský kraj, r.v.: 7/1998, 30kW, M5, 50907 km, Kontrola originality, brasne, zadna opierka s nosicom na zadny kufor, Je to moj splneny sen ale presiel som na iny typ moto. Kupovan ...

1998, 50907km, 30kw, M5

Private offer
7.400,00 € 6.451,69 £

Košický kraj, r.v.: 7/2009, 69kW, M6, 10528 km, Alarm, ABS, Padací rám, Centrálny stojan, Vyhrievané rukoväte, Nastaviteľné predné sklo, Imobilizér, Ladený výfuk ...

2009, 10528km, 69kw, M6


KTM Adventure 1190

Sport/Tourist Motorcycles Sport/Tourist 10.02.2019 10:05:25 Add to garage
Private offer
9.200,00 € 8.021,02 £

Trnavský kraj, r.v.: 2014, 110kW, M6, 70000 km, ABS, Centrálny stojan, Vyhrievané rukoväte, Nastaviteľné predné sklo, Palubný počítač, TOP stav!, Nikdy nebúrané...

2014, 70000km, 110kw, M6


Kawasaki Z 800

Sport/Naked Motorcycles Sport/Naked 04.02.2019 08:12:06 Add to garage
Private offer
6.200,00 € 5.405,47 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 2015, 70kW, M5, 15726 km, ABS, Imobilizér, Palubný počítač, Ladený výfuk, Prvý majiteľ, Serv. knižka, Úplná servisná história, Ako nové kúpené v S ...

2015, 15726km, 70kw, M5


Honda CBR 600 RR

Supersport Motorcycles Supersport 19.01.2019 10:20:59 Add to garage
Private offer
3.599,00 € 3.137,79 £

Prešovský kraj, r.v.: 2008, 86kW, M6, 30500 km, top stav, vela doplnkov, nove pneu, vymena filt.olej, pripravena na sezonu, v pripade zaujmu na predaj aj komplet vystroj - takmer nova ...

2008, 30500km, 86kw, M6

Private offer
9.900,00 € 8.631,31 £

Nitriansky kraj, r.v.: 2003, 35kW, M2, 45000 km, Ladený výfuk, Leštené kolesá, Športový vzduchový filter, TOP stav!, Možný leasing, Možný úver, Ponúkam na predaj krásny za ...

2003, 45000km, 35kw, M2


Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja 600

Supersport Motorcycles Supersport 11.01.2019 12:42:16 Add to garage
Private offer
3.500,00 € 3.051,47 £

Banskobystrický kraj, r.v.: 2008, 92kW, M6, 45000 km, Tlmič riadenia ohlins, ladený vyfuk mivv. Moto ma mierne poskodene plasty, nic vážne. Surne!!! ...

2008, 45000km, 92kw, M6


Benelli TnT Sport evo

Sport/Naked Motorcycles Sport/Naked 21.10.2018 16:25:48 Add to garage
Private offer
3.100,00 € 2.702,73 £

Nitriansky kraj, r.v.: 2008, 95kW, M6, 41000 km, Úžitková verzia N1, Prvý majiteľ, Serv. knižka, Ako nové kúpené v ČR, Vyrobené v EU, Nikdy nebúrané, carbonove blatníky ...

2008, 41000km, 95kw, M6


Yamaha XVS 650 Drag Star

Chopper Motorcycles Chopper 20.10.2018 13:36:30 Add to garage
Private offer
4.000,00 € 3.487,40 £

Nitriansky kraj, r.v.: 2005, 30kW, M5, 38000 km, Padací rám, Ladený výfuk, Kontrola originality, Dovezené, Nikdy nebúrané, Možná výmena, Americká verzia, dvojitá mierka MP/h ...

2005, 38000km, 30kw, M5


Suzuki VLR Intruder

Chopper Motorcycles Chopper 15.10.2018 13:41:44 Add to garage
Private offer
10.000,00 € 8.718,50 £

Žilinský kraj, r.v.: 7/2008, Generácia vozidla: wvct/1/1, 084kW, M5, 34400 km, Rádio/MC, Ako nové kúpené v SR, TOP stav!, Nikdy nebúrané, vela chromovych doplnkov...

2008, 34400km, 84kw, M5


Yamaha TDM 900

Sport/Tourist Motorcycles Sport/Tourist 24.09.2018 16:43:01 Add to garage
Private offer
1.800,00 € 1.569,33 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 8/2003, 64kW, M6, 73000 km, Ponúkame peknú Yamahu TDM 900. ...

2003, 73000km, 64kw, M6


Kawasaki VN 800

Chopper Motorcycles Chopper 20.09.2018 12:47:23 Add to garage
Private offer
2.900,00 € 2.528,36 £

Nitriansky kraj, r.v.: 1995, 41kW, M5, 46000 km, Kontrola originality, TOP stav!, Nikdy nebúrané, Kožené brašne, opierka spolujazdca + Pridám k nej predkopy Highway Hawk v hodnote ...

1995, 46000km, 41kw, M5

Private offer
19.500,00 € 17.001,07 £

Košický kraj, r.v.: 2010, 92kW, M5, 7500 km, Alarm, ABS, Imobilizér, Palubný počítač, Ladený výfuk, Leštené kolesá, Športový vzduchový filter, Prvý majiteľ, Serv. knižka ...

2010, 7500km, 92kw, M5


Suzuki GSX 1400

Sport/Tourist Motorcycles Sport/Tourist 23.08.2018 15:01:12 Add to garage
Private offer
4.000,00 € 3.487,40 £

Banskobystrický kraj, r.v.: 2005, 78kW, M5, 44000 km, Predám Suzuki GSX 1400. Ročník 2005. Má najazdených 44000 km. Farba modrá metalíza. K motorke mám kufor. Je v cene. Je v d...

2005, 44000km, 78kw, M5


Piaggio X9 500

Motor scooter Motorcycles Motor scooter 23.08.2018 14:25:14 Add to garage
Private offer
1.100,00 € 959,03 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 7/2005, 29kW, A, 27000 km, Robíme rozvoz motoriek na adresu domov za cenu nafty....

2005, 27000km, 29kw, A


Peugeot Speed Fight Xfight

Motor scooter Motorcycles Motor scooter 23.08.2018 14:24:47 Add to garage
Private offer
1.000,00 € 871,85 £

Trenčiansky kraj, r.v.: 2/2002, 6kW, A, 32000 km, Peugeot Xfight 50, rok.v 2002, 30tisic km, nový karburátor , nový väčší valec aj piest , zvýšený výkon na 125cm3...

2002, 32000km, 6kw, A

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