The most anticipated family comedies: top movies of December 2021 on Soap2Day

In December 2021, quite a few new movies came out. And many have already been shown in their original version, that is, without translation. The most favorite genre is traditionally considered a family comedy: A holiday mood is created, no one expects murder, attacks, horror, scary music.

The most anticipated family comedies: top movies of December 2021 on Soap2Day

So what are the top December family comedies, according to Soap2Day?

"The School of the Magical Animals" (Germany, Austria)

In addition to the aforementioned, there is also the "adventure" genre here, that is clearly to the liking of extroverts and cholerics. Benny and Ida are the owners of unusual animals. They are able to talk, and are also able to be friends. A good movie, touching and instructive. It will especially appeal to those who have pets.

"Khroniki Deda Moroza. Tayna podarkov" (Russia)

An excellent musical film about Snezhina, the mother of the Snow Maiden and, accordingly, the great-granddaughter of the main organizer of the New Year's festivities. The girl is very mischievous and restless, as a result of which she breaks the mechanism by which presents are distributed. It is necessary to fix everything in record time, because the New Year is coming. Snowflake is helped by special knowledge keepers as well as the Mechanic.

"I Am Santa Claus" (Italy).

On Christmas Eve, a thief decides to try his luck and breaks into the house of a lonely old man. But he's in for a treat: there's nothing there to steal. But that's not the worst part, because the landlord is actually Santa Claus. An unbelievably funny, uplifting movie.

"My Dad is Not a Gift (Russia)

The main characters are just kids, but Max is presented as a true gamer. He wants his dream to come true on New Year's Eve, but a very nasty girl and her mother get in the way. However, Max can't be intimidated that easily, because he has the best dad in the world!

"Six Degrees of Celebration 8" (Russia)

This saga has long been a New Year's Eve symbol, so there's really something to laugh about. It is clear that not everyone likes such humor, but fans of other episodes of "Christmas trees" will be satisfied. After all, they will meet again with their favorite characters, who are preparing for the feast in every way available to them.

Thus, the December movies are certainly a precursor to the New Year's holidays. They are cheerful, somehow festive and light. It is worth watching them on the eve of the vacations or just during them: to tune in to the celebration and distract from everyday life.

Source - Soap 2 Day